Say hello to the benefit of human connection.

Listeners On Call adds the benefit of human connection for organizations striving to develop well-being as a core cultural principle.

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We engage through conversation
We navigate employee needs
We deliver team insights

Investing in members pays repeated dividends.

Workplace trends and reaction to societal shifts have turned company culture away from personal interactions.

Commitment to member well-being has become a touchstone for job satisfaction and retention.

9 in 10

Employees report anxiety


Adults regularly feel lonely


Employees leave due to mental health reasons


Consider mental health benefits critical

Providing authentic support is an opportunity to regain trust and confidence - showing every member that their personal success is key to the organization’s success.

Shared experiences. Human connection.

A conversation can change someone's mindset and direction.

Conversations are an opportunity for sharing, support and validation - a powerful forum to meet members where they are today on their own personal journey of wellness. Sharing is a powerful catalyst for understanding what we’re feeling - and recognizing our own obstacles.

Everyone can benefit from support and recognition.

Let the voices of experience guide the way.

Members can explore trained Listeners with shared life experiences. When they hear someone they connect with, we facilitate an anonymous, one-on-one conversation.

It’s that easy!

Members seeing and hearing that they are not alone - that others like themselves are facing similar challenges and situations - can make all the difference.

Members find their best connection.

By listening to experiences from our trained Listeners, members can find someone who understands what they are facing - and schedule a time to connect.

Anonymous conversations open the door to well-being & growth.

Our trained Listeners provide support through empathy as well as guidance toward resources or care when needed. Our Listeners are there to help members see that they are not alone and have options to consider.

Learn more about how our connections are the right first step of the journey.

How it works

Listeners from all walks of life are here for your members.

Trained Listeners have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Each is here to offer empathy and perspective from their own life lessons. Listeners cross cultures, language and life experiences, making sure there’s a match for everyone.

Listeners are trained in cultural humility

Listeners participate in unique training and educational programs, cultivated by the Listeners On Call clinically trained professionals. When members have the opportunity to  connect with a Listener who has a shared identity or culture, they are more likely to open up.

Our service is easy to add to any program on any platform.

Listeners On Call can be added to any support program as the conversation starter for well-being and behavioral health.

Gain perspective on what really matters to your members.

Understanding what topics are important to members can shed light on areas for improved support and opportunities for resources that may otherwise be invisible.

Sometimes it’s not about what someone is saying, but what they aren’t. We offer insights into what topics members are engaging with - providing a unique look into the mindset of your organization.

Add access to clinical professionals with +Counseling.

For organizations looking for a comprehensive behavioral health solution, Listeners On Call can provide expanded access to include licensed, clinical professionals.

Our service can be expanded to include a Behavioral Care component to augment our core Support service - creating a natural bridge from our listening to clinical counseling.

If your organization has a behavioral care provider, we integrate it as a resource connected to our support service.

Expand coverage with +Telemed physician access.

Whole body wellness is essential for health and happiness. Our +Telemed expansion builds on our peer support service to provide medical care that is accessible from anywhere.

With Listeners On Call +Telemed, your staff will have quality care across mind & body.

See how Listeners On Call can start the conversation for well-being in your organization.

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