Our purpose.

We unlock the potential in people.

We unlock the potential in people through genuine, human support and encouragement. When members know they are heard and valued, their positive impact on the company grows substantially.

We understand the power of listening.

Listening is a human act of compassion that delivers an incredible impact – on individuals and organizations. Listening counteracts the negative and limiting feelings of isolation through true human-to-human connection.

When individuals feel heard and connected, they know they have value – the foundation for success in any team.


Members who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

We champion the impact of conversations.

By facilitating conversations, we drive individuals and organizations toward healthier, more connected futures. One-on-one conversations are the catalyst for understanding and change built on the foundation of what really matters - human support.

"We realized we had a gap in our mental health benefits - our rich EAP program isn't intended to serve as a sustainable mental health support system and standard therapy through insurance is expensive and not always the answer. Listeners On Call was an attractive solution for us because of the human element and connection it will offer our associates - a safe and neutral 3rd party of trained professionals who can listen compassionately and offer support in a way we cannot provide internally."

- Jill LaBarre
HR Director | Strategic America

"With mental health conditions on the rise, it is so important to try and reach everyone in need. But how do we do that when no two needs are the same? With Listeners On Call we have been able to provide employees with a way to connect on a deeper level while removing the stigma of mental health – It’s like connecting with a best friend who has walked in your shoes!"

- Mike Ramsey
Director of Sales | Careington International


Strategic Advisors

The Listeners On Call experience represents a powerful solution that breaks down many of the barriers associated with traditional Assistance and Support programs. It is designed to encourage increased utilization and engagement, and most importantly, to provide a broader level of support at a time when the demand is so high. The fundamental premise of finding help and support through human connection, and the sharing of like experiences, provides a platform that ensures equitable access and genuine respect to those needing emotional support and guidance.

Mike Zeman
Board Member

Listeners On Call represents an understanding of the realities of behavioral health - the barriers to receiving support and care hold back most people from ever benefiting from truly important resources. Opening the door through a simple conversation is why more people will be heard and helped, thanks to Listeners On Call. Making it easy to take that first step means everyone’s journey to well-being - no matter what path that takes - is within reach.

Gayle Meyers
Board Member

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