How it works.

We engage with your members.

Trained Listeners have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Each is here to offer empathy and perspective from their own life lessons. Listeners cross cultures, language and life experiences, making sure there’s a match for everyone.

We share human experiences.

Members can explore trained Listeners with shared life experiences. When they hear someone they connect with, we facilitate an anonymous, one-on-one conversation. It’s that easy!

Members seeing and hearing that they are not alone - that others like themselves are facing similar challenges and situations - can make all the difference.

When members want to connect, we set up a call.

When members identify a Listener they would like to connect with, we arrange an anonymous phone call between the two. Calls can be on-demand or scheduled for a later time.

needing to vent
working from home
feeling isolated
career challenges
being a minority
feeling overwhelmed
being in a relationship
lgbtqia + community

The true
power of listening

One person truly listening to another has the transformative power of validation for those in need of support. Being heard is the most direct acknowledgment to anyone that who they are, where they are, and what they need is important.

It’s our mission to ensure that everyone knows that they have an outlet and confidante standing by to hear what they need to share.

Our Purpose

We guide members toward personal well-being.

Beyond support, our Listeners are trained to guide members on their own personal journey of well-being. We can surface and recommend resources available to them - whether through existing member assistance programs or from our own library of national support resources.

Foundation for Financial Planning

Substance Abuse
Support Group


We can elevate to professional care.

Our +Counseling program adds a behavioral care component to our service, providing access to behavioral health care for those in need of counseling.

We also include crisis management through our partnership with the national emergency service program - so any situation a member encounters can be properly routed.

Crisis Management

We follow up and stay engaged.

Our solution focuses on proactive connections to initiate member engagement – insuring they are aware of the support available to them anytime.Our Listeners regularly reach out to members with messages of support and follow-up on topics of interest. Our goal is to make sure everyone knows they have someone in their court - available to connect whenever they could use support.

Uncovering insights into member needs.

Our anonymous and de-identified connections deliver aggregated insights across member populations. Without disclosing any individual information, our engagements with members can quickly surface and highlight the topics of conversation that are under the surface in your organization.

Measured resource referrals

Visibility and insights are designed to guide your organization toward better understanding of needs and growth opportunities across resources and benefits.

See how Listeners On Call can start the conversation for well-being in your organization.

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